A downloadable game for Windows

Watch Allar's playthrough of this game: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/300198445?t=23h26m40s

Watch out for those monsters!
The wrinkles round your eyes won't save you from these wrinkles in Space-Time...
Hold onto your dentures...
The portal has now opened and we're sincerely hoping you'll pull through!

You were tinkering with your Large Hadron Collider in the garage at your grandma's house when you all of a sudden opened a wormhole into the Netherworld

Use your school science experiments to beat back the endless hordes of evil demons so that grandma doesn't notice your mistake... or else you'll be grounded!


  • Project Management: Love
  • Game Design: Love
  • Level Design: Coleman


  • Environment: Coleman
  • Character:  Lostchibi
    • Rigging: Zrovom
    • Animation: Zrovom
  • UI: Lostchibi
  • Visual Effects (VFX): Coleman


  • Music: DanielD
  • Voice:DanielD
  • Sound Effects (SFX): DanielD


  • Gameplay: Love
  • AI: Love
  • Animation: Zrovom
  • UI: Love
  • Graphics: Coleman
  • Audio: Love


PlushyBuddies_GrannysGotDemons_rc6.zip 159 MB